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Audio Recorder

Audio recorder is a solution used for additional dubbing or recording after video recording, and it supports the play window for the imported video and the waveform for the corresponding video audio.

Audio Recorder

Users can select videos from the Explorer or NPS browser, drag and drop, and record and edit them using the dedicated microphone for dubbing.

Audio Recorder Software
  • Player: Video imported from MAM

  • Metadata information: information about the video imported from MAM

  • Recording and playback control: Control of recording, playback, pause, frame movement, etc

  • Setting and NPS registration: Program setting and NPS registration of recorded files

  • Audio waveform: Waveform for each audio channel of video and waveform for recording channel

  • Input audio control: check audio input level and adjust volume

  • Disc status and recording status: disc usage and status of recording and playback

Functions of Audio Recorder
  • Supports video drag and drop import for dubbing

  • Check input audio level and extract real-time waveform of video

  • Waveform display support: Mirrored, Connect Line, Vertical Line

  • Supports video playback, recording of synchronized TC In/Out Wave and re-recording of previous points (in case of NG)

  • Support for moving and deleting recorded sections

  • Support for automated processes connected to MAM

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