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Geminisoft misson

"Media Connecting People, Time, and Places."

‘Media Connecting People’ symbolizes our core focus on fostering connections and interactions among individuals, across time, and across various locations, utilizing the powerful platforms

of the TV and Mass Media industries. This mission underscores our commitment to leveraging these mediums to bring people together, transcending barriers of time and distance.

This description signifies that our company will define the meaning of "media that connects people" while simultaneously developing the technology that utilizes TV and mass media platforms to achieve this connection.

'Media Connecting Time' can symbolize the concept of using archived media content to connect different periods in history or different moments in time. Archiving media allows for the preservation and accessibility of content that can be used to connect people with past events, cultures, and experiences. This can be achieved by utilizing historical media content to foster connections, understanding, and learning across various time frames.

So, indeed, "Media Connecting Time" can be closely associated with the practice of archiving media, as it facilitates the connection between different periods and enhances the understanding of history and culture through archived content.

Media Connecting Places" suggests using media as a tool to expand and share culture, ideas, and experiences across different locations. It implies that through media, our company aims to develop technologies to bridge geographical boundaries, enabling the dissemination of culture and content from one place to another.

This could involve sharing diverse cultural aspects, values, or information about different locations, essentially connecting people from various places by providing insights into each other's worlds. It signifies using media platforms to transcend physical borders and create a global connection where cultures and perspectives can be shared and appreciated across different regions.

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