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Radio broadcasting solution (Emotion)

Emotion is an integrated radio broadcasting solution that meets the requirements of field radio producers and technical directors.

Specialized function for radio broadcasting

Excellent product competitiveness

With over 40 years of radio operation know-how melted into the solution, it has perfect completeness in such aspects as price, performance, and user friendliness.

Highest durability and stability

Developed with a deep understanding of the radio broadcasting environment, it is independent from particular hardware and has excellent operational stability and durability.

Friendly & experienced training

High-quality and practical training is directly provided by radio operations technical directors with extensive practical experiences.

Solid technical support

Reliable and stable technical support services are ensured.

Emotion track

Recording production software

- Recording and editing/production

- Multi-track support

- Support various audio input formats

- Conversion of high-quality audio formats

- Supports third-party effect plug-ins

- Independent from particular hardware

- Expansion using network

- Reduced editing time by 30% or more

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Multi-track and various editing functions help users easily produce audio contents before broadcasting.

Emotion Live

Software for live broadcasting production

- Edit playlist

- Play playlists in live studio

- Intuitive interface for editing, cue, 

   playback, etc.

- Search for audio contents

- CD ripping function

- Support main/spare structure


Play playlists easily in the form of cue sheets or rundowns, control and edit playlists in the studio.

Emotion Fly

Playout automation software

Receive playlist from Emotion Live and play audio through PGM switcher.

- Play audio broadcast

- Real-time waveform monitoring

- Support multiplex structure such as

   main/spare, main/spare/backup

- Abnormal item error warning, abnormal

   RT error warning


Emotion Sysflow

System control management software

- Monitor real-time system control status

- Immediate detection of system failover

   caused by failure

- Immediate detection of equipment

   abnormalities such as temperature,

   power, and module

- Auto music play function in emergency


Emotion QC

Quality management software for playout files

- Automatic checking of RT abnormality,

   silent section, and reverse section of

   playout program files

- Automatic checking of file consistency

   between production server and playout

   server in triple redundancy

- Pre-listening function for waveform

   monitor and program file


Emotion Web

Web-based management software

- Management software based on the Web

- Function to manage users, programs,

   folders, and define division of tasks

- Inquire about system usage status

- Function to support PD requests

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