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News Room Computing System

News Room Computing System provides news management functions needed to make TV news such as assignment, writing, and transmission of articles, and news cue sheet functions, and automatic news playout based on cue sheet.

News Room Computing System

Workflow and main screen

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet



News planning


Article management


Article writing


Reception and management of internal and external news


News production & management


Write cue sheet


Article/Video mapping cue sheet/video mapping


Playout automation of sub control room

Geminisoft's News Room Computing System is a proven solution used by a number of broadcasters such as 'MBC', 'YTN', 'KTV', 'TBS', 'Catholic Peace Broadcasting', and 'Arirang International Broadcasting'. Since it is developed with our own technology, it can be integrated and connected to the existing systems of broadcasters, and can be easily used on PCs and smartphones.

Geminisoft press information solution is a product that is the results of enormous efforts from its own research and development team from start to finish, and is used by many domestic broadcasting stations.




The News Room Computing System integrates articles and digital videos to produce a workflow incorporating news planning, coverage, cue sheet writing, and news playout into a single system, providing a systematic news production and transmission environment.

News planning

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


News broadcasting plan can be created by selecting daily issues and setting up a content plan to write an article, and planning a video coverage schedule

Issue management


- Write and search daily issue list

- Function of changing issue ranking

- Use of issues in the stages of content planning and article & coverage planning

- Processing of expiration

(Expiration issue: Not available in content planning, and articles and coverage plans)

Content planning

콘텐츠 계획.png

The planning stage, which is the beginning of news production, is the stage of organizing the issues of the day, reviewing the reports received, and scheduling the coverage.

News Room Computing System allows users to systematically manage issues and reports, select the contents for articles, and make a coverage plan.

Article making from content plan

Article-making functions are available to help produce articles easily by issues selected through issue management and content plan created by the issues.

Coverage and shooting plan

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


Schedule for video coverage


Vehicle scheduling and assignment


- Create scheduling for coverage vehicle

- Assignment/cancellation of coverage vehicles

- Management of coverage vehicle

- Search by date & period

After a request for assignment of coverage through the News Room Computing System, the video coverage department make a coverage schedule for the request.

After the manager approves and assignment is confirmed, the person in charge can check the results.

After the coverage plan is made, a schedule for video coverage and vehicle assignment is made to plan news broadcasting.

Improvement of management convenience

Some functions may not be the main functions of the News Room Computing System, which are included just for the convenience purpose.

Article Writing <general>

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


Various types of articles such as general articles and breaking news can be created, and embargo can be set.

In addition, when writing an article, the estimated time is automatically calculated and displayed according to the length of the article.

Article writing screen


Articles can be written based on the contents that have been covered. In addition, when writing articles, writing can be easy by referring to bulletin boards as well as domestic and foreign articles.

In addition, subtitles (text) can be written together with the article and displayed on the screen during playout.

Shortcuts for article writing

A variety of functions using shortcut keys are available to make writing articles and subtitles faster and easier.

Article Writing <video and graphic search>

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


Video·graphic search and preview screen


You can search or preview the video/graphic registered in the MAM system through the video/graphics tab on the article writing page, and map or attach the video/graphic to the corresponding articles.

Integration with MAM system

Video search is supported through integration with the MAM system. MAM system help search and preview videos and graphics for playout when writing articles, increasing work efficiency.

Article Writing <article management>

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


List of articles


Reporters can search for and view written articles on the article list, and desks can do desking functions such as approving articles.

It supports searches by various conditions (by date, department, type) and provides a history of inquiries about articles in terms of requests, broadcasting history, revisions and status.

Article lock function

When others intend to view an article being edited, the function of article lock alerts to prevents incorrect updates.

※ In case when the writer can’t be reachable, an unlock function is supported.

Video and graphics editing requests

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


EDL for the video can be created and provided at the time when video editing is requested. When video editing is done, the video is registered in the MAM system, and the reporter maps the video to the article, or the video can be mapped to the article at the same time when it is registered in the MAM system.

Request for MAM video·graphics editing


Video and graphic editing can be requested at the time of writing an article.

Videos and graphics that have been edited in the MAM system can be mapped to cue sheets or articles.

The mapped video/graphics are automatically sent to the video server and graphics equipment for playout.

The ways of mapping videos and graphics to articles or registering in cue sheet items (ITEM) are different by each broadcaster.

Geminisoft's News Room Computing System provides functions suitable for the characteristics of each broadcaster.

Cue sheet writing and editing

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


Cue sheet writing screen


Intuitive interface such as a function to drag an article to write a cue sheet and a function to change the order by dragging it are provided. In addition, the time and number of cases based on the written contents can be monitored.

The function of cue sheet writing for news playout is provided.

Once the cue sheet is written, then it is sent to news playout automation system (video/CG taker, prompter, etc.) in real time.

Video/graphic mapping and preview screen

mobile cue sheet provided

The cue sheet created on the News Room Computing System client can be checked from the mobile press information.

※ In general, writing and changing cue sheet can be done from a PC.

Management of broadcasting production with cue sheet integration

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet


Production is managed by standard, weekly, and daily basis, and news can be produced on a daily basis.

In addition, details of news progress can be sent to BIS in order to check whether it is actually broadcasted or not.

List of daily production schedule


News cue sheet templates (basic news organization and production) can be created and managed separately according to the production of the broadcasting station. Where broadcast information system (BIS) is unavailable, news production can be made on the News Room Computing System.

Input and edit screen for details of news

Integration with broadcasting company BIS

Integration and interface with BIS information is provided, and the list of daily production program confirmed on BIS can be called into the News Room Computing System.

Mobile News Room Computing System

Based on intuitive UI/UX, customized UIs for mobile device are available on the News Room Computing System.

Visibility is maximized with icons and colors so that the status and attribute information of articles can be easily checked from a small screen.

Main screen


Article writing and management


Video search


News Room Computing System of Geminisoft supports mobile service to enable news production anytime, anywhere, providing a work environment on mobile that is free from space and time constraints with the same functions as PCs.

Anytime, Anywhere News Production

Support Android, iOS Cross Platform

News playout automation system

News planning


Article writing

Video editing

Cue sheet



Video is played on the video server based on the cue sheet, and graphics playout is executed by controlling the CG equipment. Comments for anchors and announcers are displayed on the prompter.

Playout automation system is provided to manage news based on the cue sheet created on the News Room Computing System.

Playout automation system from 3rd party

Playout automation system from 3rd party's secondary news control room can be used while using Geminisoft's News Room Computing System.

In this case, MOS protocol is

used for the connection.

Video playout automation <Video Taker>

It can control video servers that provide standard VDCP protocol

(Harmonic, Imagine, GrassValley K2, etc.).  

And, some commercial video servers can be controlled by the Native protocol.

Playout of edited video or coverage video can be executed in order of cue sheet, or the order can be changed in case of emergency.


Video Taker plays the video mapped to the cue sheet by the video server. Being connected to the News Room Computing System, Video Taker provides a cue sheet list and a preview function of a video clips mapped to the cue sheet.

Main functions

• Video playback control

• Check the status of video transmission (playable or not)

• Order change function for emergency playout

• Repeat video playback

• Preview channel support

• Real-time update of cue sheet changes on the News Room Computing System

CG playout automation <CG Taker>

Subtitles created when writing articles are updated in the cue sheet, and the subtitle cue sheet is automatically created.

CG Taker receives the cue sheet from the News Room Computing System and the subtitle data in the cue sheet.

CG Taker connects subtitle data (content of subtitles) to subtitle templates (pre-specified subtitle graphic format for each news) and execute playout by controlling CG equipment.

Major CG equipment supported

Geminisoft supports CG equipment from Korean CG developers such as Visual Research and Compix. We also support foreign equipment such as Chyronhego. Other CG equipment can also be integrated for development if necessary.

Prompt control

Prompters can be controlled from the news studio, or directly by anchors or announcers when needed. Changes in cue sheet and article content can be updated in real time.


The prompter control program receives cue sheets and articles from the News Room Computing System and displays anchor comments on the prompter.

Anchors can directly change anchor comments on the screen, and control scroll speed and so on.

Geminisoft's prompter control program runs on a variety of general purpose prompters, not particular products.

Handling Failures

Its own data files are saved in the prompter control PC and connected to the News Room Computing System so that even if a failure occurs, the latest stored data can be used to display on the prompter ensuring news to continue.

User Interface Customization

UI customization

User Interface can be customized after draft is designed and discussed in consideration of requests for the layout of display areas such as shortcuts, issues, and announcements of menus that customers usually use.



Icon customization

Icon designs and new icons can be customized by each broadcaster for its own news progress.


Article status icons: conditional approval, redesign of approved icons, and use of new icons


Customization of cue sheet broadcasting icon

When developing a News Room Computing System, Geminisoft can provide customization service for elegant design of login screens, home screens, logos and icons.

We incorporate customer requests in customized UI and icons, and provide a customized press information solution that takes into account the characteristics of the site.

Customization of news playout automation system

Examples of customizing playout programs for second control rooms of broadcasters





We analyze existing programs and user interviews and generate a report on the status of work, providing an optimized playout system of sub control room for each site.

•Analysis of existing programs in use

- Modified to be similar to the familiar existing layouts

•Development of improvement direction by user interview survey

- Resolve inconvenience

- Add new functions and improve performance, etc.

•UI improvement

- Provides UI/UX design together with fonts/icons, etc.

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