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Started in December 2011 under The Dong-A Ilbo/The Dong-A Media Group, Channel A is a local cable station located in Seoul, South Korea. Channel A built a new buidling in Sang-Am dong for the new digital era. Gemiso MAM was chosen to control the all media workflow in the new building.




Channel A is using the following Gemiso Products

  • MAM

    • Ariel MAM

      • Catalog

      • Transcoder

      • Transfer Manager

      • Archive : using Frontporch DIVArchvie/Oracle Tape library

      • Web Rough Cut Editor

    • Ingest

      • Ariel V2 Matrox based Ingest

      • Ariel Centralized Ingest Control(CIC)

    • Studio Management

      • Ariel Studio Control with Imagine's Nexio Servers


  • Associated Products

    • NLE, Mastering, Color Correction, Digital Audio Workstations

      • GrassValley Edius 7

      • Autodesk Smoke / Autodesk Smoke on Mac

      • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

      • Avid Protools with Satellite Options

    • MS Active Directory for Access Control

      • Ariel AD integration

    • Storage 

      • Fujitsu Storage and SNFS from Quantum


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