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News Computing System
Zodiac News Computing System supports all workflows from producing news content to broadcast them such as article assignments, editing, sending and editing of mobile articles, news graphics, rundown (cue sheet) management and transmission control.
Zodiac web service allows the news computing system to integrate and interwork with existing systems and expand to various areas such as TV, web, and mobile.

Reporting, receiving and planning, covering

  • Issue and coverage planning, issue tracking

  • SNS, e-mail, web, mobile report management

  • Coverage and assignment (vehicle, camera, outside broadcast van) 

  • Department story

Searching & writing articles

  • Article creation template and subtitle creation

  • Video searching and matching, file attachment, SNS interworking

  • Emergency, embargo function

  • Issue trace 

  • Manageability for incoming articles

  • Article history 

  • Article local recovery 

  • Article spell check 

  • Automatic report calculation

Video editing and registration

  • Support match or unmatch video to article

  • Real-time confirmation of video transmission information

  • The editing department assigns and registers videos

  • The reporter can register for EDL editing through video search

  • PD searches and matches video to cue sheet

Creating a multi-user cue sheet

  • Multi-user simultaneous cue sheet editing

  • Monitoring and processing of urgent breaking news 

  • Video matching and transmission control 

  • Cue sheet template (operation reference) 

  • External user monitoring 

  • Cue sheet article creation and CG registration

Program information and management

  • Basic program, weekly program, daily program management

  • Creating rundown list based on daily schedule

  • Information management of program addition and genre

  • BIS information interworking and interface provision

  • Various printing services


  • Check video transmission and status

  • Emergency transmission

  • Repeat channel playback 

  • Video server control and setting 

  • Real-time Sync support for cue sheet changes

Additional functions

  • User and group management 

  • Manage permissions by menu

  • Bulletin board by department

  • Notes and chat features

  • Manage templates

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