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Media Management Solution
Proxima media management system is a system that can reliably build the standardized workflow in the shortest time using the media management solution and media asset management technology developed by Geminisoft.

Easy user interface 


  • Easy screen composition similar to Explorer

  • Installation-free web-based media management solution

  • No need to install ActiveX, Flash, etc.

Ultra high performance 


  • GPU-based ultra high speed proxy creation (HD : 7x, SD : 15x)

  • Search in 1 ~ 2 seconds using text search engine 

Comprehensive service interworking 


  • Linked to SNS such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

  • Built-in browsing page for smartphones

  • H.264 + XML transmission function for homepage linkage

  • Providing Amazon Cloud Registration

New creating features 


  • Provides an H.264-based web editor that does not require a generic NLE

  • Implementation of export system without H.264 / HEVC based rendering

Video ingest


With Proxima, you can easily ingest.

If you continue to use tapes, you can build dedicated encoding equipment or use NLE editing equipment, and you can easily register files with MAM by drag-and-drop.

Video proxy generation and cataloging


Proxima uses Intel GPU to display 3 ~ 4 times faster performance than existing H.264 proxy generation technology. It also supports image access and playback during cataloging to minimize image access time.

When the cataloging is completed, various images are prepared to provide a pleasant preview environment.

  • GPU-based transcoder

     - Input format : MPEG2, MPEG4, DV (including XDCAM, DVCPRO, AVC-I broadcasting formats)

     - Output format : IMX SD / XDCAM HD / H.264 (High / Main / Baseline)

     - Best performance (XDCAM → H.264 IPTV quality, 6.9x), using Intel's Pro Graphics GPU

  • Cataloging function

     - Automatic cutaway options

     - Generate key frames at specified times

     - Generate key frames by a specified number

  • Generate an image to replace scrubbing

     Provides display for web preview scrubbing by generating images of around 0.5 seconds, 1 second,       and 2 seconds

Interworking with NLE editing equipment


Proxima supports NLE users to efficiently use MAM media and to easily register new images.

It is possible to import automatically by drag-and-drop from the browser, and to register with Proxima MAM in the menu of NLE editing equipments, so you can conveniently use MAM image and add new image easily.

​Video search, utilization, transmission


Media stored in Proxima MAM can be easily retrieved from the web browser of a computer or smartphone. With web NLE, you can cut and edit part of the image and send it directly to the homepage or SNS.

Archive System


Storing media data on shared storage such as SAN and NAS has the advantage that it can be used immediately, but it has the disadvantage of increasing costs and risk of loss of data. Therefore, safer and more economical storage methods are required.

If you have thousands or more videos per year, you can use a large tape library. If you need a small but stable storage, you can use stand-alone tape / ODA (Optical Disc Archive).

  • Archive with tape library

     - Oracle DIVArchive

     - Masstech FlashNet

     - Quantum Artico

     - SpectraLogic BlackPearl

     - SONY Optical Disc Archive

  • Archive with stand-alone tape / ODA

     - LTO 7 stand-alone tape

     - SONY ODA Gen 2​

Interworking with third-party media solution
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