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AR 3D Graphics Solution
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Nemesis is an augmented reality (AR) 3D graphics solution that combines 3D virtual imagery with realistic space to provide a richer and more powerful experience.
With minimal equipment and easy installation, you can create effective and affordable virtual studios indoors and outdoors to deliver in real time.
  • Flexible to 3D programming
You can take advantage of the variety of modeling files and text created in commercial 3D authoring programs such as Maya and 3ds Max.
  • Low cost and high efficiency
You can easily and quickly combine 3D modeling images into your videos with Microsoft Hololens and minimal equipment without investing a lot of manpower and cost.
  • Utilize space-free
You can organize virtual studios in certain areas, indoors and outdoors, and synthesize 3D modeling images and transmit them in real-time.
  • Camera tracking

It creates a camera layer by tracking the movement of the camera used in the image capture and provides rendering according to camera characteristics and movement path.

You can create 3D images that blend seamlessly with real world scenes.

  • Supports various modeling image files​

It imports any modeling image file that supports OBJ or FBX formats, including modeling tools such as Maya and 3ds Max.

  • Space mapping

Realistic images can be realized using space mapping function that combines real space and object with virtual image.

  • Collaboration

Two or more workers wearing a Hololens can share 3D modeling objects or reactions within a certain space to produce realistic images.

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