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Transmission Solution
Proxima Studio
Proxima Studio digitizes the video input through the I / O board into the video that is used in broadcasting.
Proxima Studio supports back-to-back mode playback for short time transmissions on one system, and take-mode playback for live insert video playback.
  • Supports 4 channels In / Out selection : Change playback / recording mode per channel

  • Software codec support

      - Includes XDCAM MXF / IMX MXF codec

      - DVCPRO / AVC-Intra codec (optional)

      - Other codecs can be applied after user test

  • Recording mode

      - VCR mode, schedule mode, instant recording mode

  • Playback mode

      - Tape out mode, back-to-back mode, take mode

      - Mini CMS (optional) : Category format search and simple search

  • External storage support : Direct recording to iSCSI, SAN, and local storage


​Recording Mode


  • VCR recording : VCR control, In / Out point recording

  • Schedule recording : Recording support according to Time of Day

  • Instant recording : Instant recording according to user's work

  • Codec : Extended support

  • DirectShow-based codec recording support

  • Built-in SONY Codec (SD, HD)

  • DV, AVC series option available

  • Low-resolution simultaneous recording

  • Low-resolution (H.264 / AAC / MP4) generation simultaneously with recording

Play Mode


  • Take mode : Playback insert video while playing one file at a time

  • Take out mode : VCR is controlled while video is being played back to record video with tape

  • Back-to-back mode : Connect video and play without stop

  • Video conforming 

  • If video resolution, frame rate, etc. are different from the transmission format, tune in automatically

  • Improved image quality through post processing including deinterlacing

  • Timeline type track bar according to video list

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