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Ingest & video encoding technology

Geminisoft supports not only our own MAM solution but also various video ingest methods such as ingest using Harmonic, GV and Imagine, encoding using board such as Matrox or Decklink, NLE (Non Linear Editor) or file based ingest.

NLE editing equipment interworking technology

We have plug-in technology to work with NLE editing equipment for major broadcasting and production use all over the world.

Media processing (transcoding, rewrapping) technology

We have the world's best media processing technology such as technology to convert format without conversion of video compression method and high-speed transcoding technology using GPU.

Media cutting and editing technology

We have a unique technology to create a new image using simple cutting information and to crop and paste the whole image without re-rendering or re-encoding it.

Archive system technology

We are developing our own archive technology that works with various archive systems in order to overcome the risk of data loss and cost increasing caused by storage of media data on shared storage.

Catalog technology

By analyzing the scene of the video, you can find the point where the scene changes (Scene Change Detection) and generate the key frame and display it in the MAM.

Media transmission

Transfer Manager of Geminisoft is based on experience of various broadcasting video transmission. It performs when it is necessary to convert MOV-MXF or LXF-MXF.

Workflow control technology

We provide a controllable workflow that anyone can create easily and conveniently.

News workflow 

We provide a process that integrates articles and digital images from news report planning to article writing, rundown (cue sheet) creation, news transmission. Also we provide an interface that is organically linked with the main system (CMS, transmission operating system).

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