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Media Management Solution
Ingest, which collects media, converts various types of data such as tapes, live broadcasts, and files into a standard format suitable for management by MAM.
6mm tape, VHS tape, DV tape, digital beta & analog beta tape, image file, etc. can be registered in MAM quickly, reliably and conveniently.

Ariel V2


An ingest and delivery server, Ariel V2, provides an ingest server, ingest manager system, and transmission to ingest video data acquired by Matrox-based system into MAM.

The ingest server controls the VCR via the RS-422 protocol and converts the incoming HD / SD SDI signal to a file, allowing simultaneous ingest of 2 channels or more and transmission of 2 channels.

A VCR ingest operation scheduled through the ingest manager provides a batch ingest function that automatically performs scheduled tasks at the end of a single operation.

  • Live feed capture

     - Manual and automatic recording by schedule table, editing and saving, loading a file, status                 display of each column

     - Proactive monitoring of media clips during ingest

     - Manual ingest for unregistered media clips

  • Media file analysis and transcoding, representative image generation

  • Ingest list display

     - Separate ingest completion status with item background color

     - Real-time updates when changing metadata displayed in an item

     - Broadcast video and search video are divided into None / Generating / Completed

  • Metadata input

     - Edited by double-clicking the metadata entry editing dialog to perform tasks

  • Configuration : Configuration options such as compression codec and storage, Genlock settings

  • Support PB / EE mode and pass through

  • Providing transmission environment

     - Scrubbing and frame-by-frame movement provide fast and intuitive in / out play lists

     - Organize multiple files into lists, take / loop

     - Automatic and manual support for play / cue

  • Compression codecs : Ariel V2 supports compression codecs such as XDCAM and DVCPRO HD, which are multi-format codecs, and various file formats.

Ariel VS


It is an integrated video server solution that can combine input / output of 8 channels HD / SD in 2 channels UHD.

It provides a timeline playlist editor similar to NLE editing and an integrated monitoring screen that allows you to check all channels at once. It is possible to record and send by schedule.

  • Supports codecs such as IMX, XDCAMHD, DVCPRO, MPEG2 IFrame, AVCIntra, and XAVC

  • UHD 2 channels input / output support (separate card required when using XAVC codec)

  • SD / HD 8 channels input / output support (26, 4/4, 6/2)

  • Simultaneous generation of low-resolution images when generating high-resolution images

  • Immediate transmission of video during recording

  • Automatic recording and automatic transmission through schedule management

  • Timeline playlist editor makes it easy to create playlists

  • MAM system provides manageable registration function

  • Gang recording for synchronization function in NLE editing

  • Frame Accurate Gang transmission

  • VDCP, SONY protocol interworking

  • Transcoding and consolidation of completed images

  • Recorded video can be transferred to external storage in real-time

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