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Media Management Solution
Ariel is a Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that unifies the entire lifecycle of digital media assets from data creation to storage, modification, utilization, distribution, and disposal.
Based on the technology of Geminisoft, all major systems are implemented with pure domestic technologies and can be configured with Network Based Production System (NPS) or Digital Archive System.
Ariel MAM arranges requirements and provides advanced solutions by consulting with customers to support the workflow and metadata model configuration that best fits customer's environment.
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Distributed transcoding technology

Transcoding is the most time-consuming and resource-intensive operation in image processing. UHD requires at least 8 times more resources than HD and takes 8 times more time.

Ariel has a distributed transcoding technology that precisely cuts the image frame by frame, transcodes it by section, and seamlessly connects the resultant to realize faster and more efficient UHD image.

  • Sophisticated frame-based segmentation technology

  - Partial Restore for MXF image

  - Split / integrate H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC) video without re-encoding


  • Maximize performance with modular, high-density servers

  - Up to 18 server and switch environments on a single system

  - Significant savings in performance aggregation and operational costs



  • A single media flow (Bus) interface is provided as a single media flow API protocol that interfaces to the client layer. A single media flow API provides fast integration and reliable integration in a variety of system integrations.

  • Layer and block modularization : By integrating the block modular structure on the easy-to-expand layer into the bus base, different policy and structural design for each layer is possible, enabling efficient system configuration and service management.

Dynamic MAM

Ariel MAM has a dynamic and flexible structure that allows you to build a metadata framework that meets customer's content management policies. It supports flexible response to changes in policies that may occur during operation, or changes in systems linked to metadata such as databases and content browsers.

  • Dynamic Metadata

Ariel is a MAM solution that provides dynamic structure metadata definition, can be freely defined by the administrator and metadata formats provided in various formats can be added.

  • Dynamic Workflow

The workflow of Ariel MAM can be specified and changed by the administrator. For all workflows that run automatically, you can see intuitively what the previous work was and what the future work will be.

  • Metadata Management

Metadata management page allows creation, modification, and deletion of metadata at any time to perform efficient content management.

  • Workflow Automation

Ariel MAM provides an automated workflow that minimizes user manual input and manual tasks when deploying it. These workflows are thoroughly analyzed and verified to maximize user convenience and increase work efficiency.

  • Flexible system expansion

The three-tier architecture of Ariel's outstanding job server, job manager, and job agent is implemented through an open protocol. A job server can control multiple manager systems and load balancing, and a job manager manages multiple job agents.

  • Provides a variety of data formats

Customer can build a metadata structure that fits customer's environment, using one-line input, multiple line input, and various types of metadata input formats such as numbers, dates, and times.

  • Outstanding customer capability

Broadcasting Information System, News Computing System, as well as ERP and offline broadcasting data system, we thoroughly reflect customer's requirements and build an organic and easy-to-use system.

Exceptional compatibility


If you encounter a problem while using a MAM system that supports only specific machines or systems from a specific vendor, you can lose time and money. The Ariel offers a variety of alternatives to help you react quickly when a problem arises.

  • Various system support

Ariel supports almost any equipment used in the broadcast environment. It supports all VCRs using the popular SONY BVW protocol, and all video servers that support VDCP, and the Harris Mediabase protocol.

  • Various server support

Ariel provides the best services reliably on any server operating system, whether it is running a web server and PHP, as well as a generic Windows server family, a Linux family and Unix X.

  • Complete archive compatibility

Ariel provides an automated workflow that minimizes manual input and manual work by users. Building automated workflows ensures thorough analysis and validation to maximize user experience and increase work efficiency.

Powerful background module


The strength of Ariel starts with a robust background module system.

Self-modular systems designed to work well with any system in a variety of broadcast environments are the basis for Ariel MAM.

Unique modules such as Rewrapper, Partial File Restore (PFR), Archive Connector and more, as well as general modules such as transcoder, cataloger and transfer manager, offer powerful features beyond conventional CMS / MAM.

  • Minimize third-party software

Ariel's transcoding, cataloging, and partial file restore have already been recognized and delivered to leading companies around the world. Based on these technologies, we minimize the use of third-party software to improve performance while maintaining economical prices.

  • Third-party software integration

If the customer requested, we integrate with the third-party software after analyzing the requirements.

  • Quality assurance

Continuous transformations and changes to the image data result in image quality degradation. Ariel supports MXF and QuickTime MOV, and can change various broadcast images such as XDCAM, DVCPRO, and DNxHD from MXF to MOV and vice versa. By using rewrapping instead of transcoding in this process, compatibility is maximized and the original image quality can be maintained.

Standard-oriented web interface

Ariel provides user services based on the web and does not require specific software to access stored content.

With standard-based framework and web technology, Ariel supports most operating systems and web browsers, so customer can use most of the Ariel's features.

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