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Radio Broadcasting Solution
E.moti.on is an integrated radio broadcasting solution developed by EBS that fully reflects the requirements of the radio PDs and technical directors.
  • Excellent product competitiveness
It has over 40 years of EBS radio operational know-how and is excellent in terms of price, performance and user friendliness.
  • Superior durability and stability
It is developed based on a deep understanding of the radio broadcasting environment, it is not dependent on any specific hardware, and has excellent operational reliability and durability.
  • Friendly practical training
EBS radio operating technology directors who are experienced in practical operations provide direct, high-quality training.
  • Solid technical support
Geminisoft, a specialized media management platform company provides reliable and stable technical support service. 

E.MOTI.ON TRACK   Recording production software

E.moti.on provides multi-track and versatile editing capabilities, allowing users to easily create audio content before broadcast.

  • Recording and editing / production

  • Multi-track support

  • Supports various audio input formats

  • Convert high definition audio formats

  • Support for third-party effects plug-ins

  • Specific hardware non-dependent

  • Network-based expansion

  • Reduce editing time by 30% or more

E.MOTI.ON LIVE   Live broadcasting production software

E.moti.on can easily play cue sheet or rundown playlists and control and edit playlists in the studio.

  • Edit playlist

  • Play a playlist in live studio

  • Intuitive interface for editing, cueing, playback, etc.

  • Search for audio content

  • CD ripping

  • Main / preliminary structure support

E.MOTI.ON FLY   Automatic transmission software

Receive a playlist from E.moti.on Live and play the audio through the PGM switcher.

  • Audio broadcast playback

  • Real-time waveform monitoring

  • Supports multiplexing structure

      main / preliminary, main / preliminary / backup

  • Item error, RT error warning

E.MOTI.ON SYSFLOW   System control management software

  • Real-time system control status monitoring

  • Immediate detection of system failover

  • Immediate detection of equipment,

      such as temperature, power, module, etc.

  • Auto play of emergency music


E.MOTI.ON QC   Transmission file quality management software

  • Automatic detection of RT error, silence interval,

      reverse phase interval of program file or transmission

  • Automatic checking of file consistency between

      production server & tripled transmission server

  • Waveform monitor & program file preview

qc 소프트웨어.jpg

E.MOTI.ON WEB   Web-based management software

  • User, program, folder management and

      job assignment setting

  • Lookup system usage status

  • PD request processing

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