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KT, Korea Telecom, is the biggest telephone company in Korea and also providing the mobile phone and internet service. To bring the news to all the employees KT(over 23,000 people at March, 2015), broadcasting is the best way to deliver the news.


KBN, KT Broadcasting Network, is the core for making everyday-news of KT and its groups. KBN used once Konan's MAM system but migrated to Gemiso Proxima TNPS to produce the video clips.


Proxima MAM products

  • Cataloger

  • Transcoder

  • Transfer Managers

  • Rewrapper(MOV --> MXF)

  • Ingest System

    • Ariel Ingest Manager, controlling K2 Summit Servers

    • Ariel File Ingest

  • News playout

    • Ariel Taker, controlling K2 Summit Servers


Assoicated Products

  • Non linear Editors

    • Apple Final Cut Pro 7

    • Premiere CS6

  • Video Servers

    • Grassvalley K2 Summit Servers

  • Web VOD System

    • K2 Web VOD system(Streaming Server based on WOWZA Media Server)


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