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Proxima, the most Affordable Content Management Solution





With the experience in building enterprise-level MAM(Media Asset Management) systems, we have found other customers who have

similar requirements for the media. So Gemiso team decided to build a light and powerful media management system to users.

Proxima is actually the first media management solution working like an Enterprise MAM but affordable like one or two servers.


Gemiso team is pleased to present Proxima Content Management solution here. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and 

provide a solution to your requirements.

Many of our customers have expressed their needs and have successfully implemented a comprehensive Proxima Content Management

solution consisting of some or all of the following:


  • Proxima Content Management workflow engine

  • Multifaceted media browsing over Web technologies

  • Easy and powerful search interface Dynamically configurable metadata

  • Menu integration with commercial NLEs –Apple’s FCP –GrassValley’s Edius –Adobe Premiere

  • Integration with Avid Interplay PAM

  • Seamless integration with various third-party systems (Ingest, BMS, automation, archive and more)

Basic Systems

Proxima Content Management system can be installed easily on your servers. Proxima systems usually requires at least two server systems to provide stable/safe data storing feature and fast/efficient data processing.(transfer, transcode and other processing modules,)

Extended Systems

Proxima Content Management system can be expanded with more servers for more powerful and stable working environment. Proxima Server can be working in Fault-Tolerant mode with main/backup server and the Agent can be easily divided and expanded into multiple Transcoders, Transfer Manager or other functional systems.

Ingest - Files / VCR / Live Feeds / Non-Linear Editors

Proxima Content Management system can handle Files, VCR/Live feeds and Non-linear editors to ingest files into Proxima CMS.

Media Direct (using Drag & Drop)

Gemiso Proxima supports Media-Direct method to give users functionalities to use Proxima in the easiest way. Users can just drag and drop the media from Browser to non-linear editors or other applications to use it when the storage is connected.

Search Anywhere

Users can browse their media from anywhere; Windows based PCs, Macintosh based Apple Computers, iPhones, Android Mobile Phones and Tablets.

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