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With Proxima Encoder, Gemiso offers a cost effective solution to record video for collaborative editing and for other goals. Media will be recorded in the format(codec) what you want without any transcoding, reformatting or rerendering. 


Proxima Encoder is running on MS Windows 7, the most common computer systems in the world. Unlike other encoding systems, users can configure their own system in affordable price range. 


























Features :

  • Support most common professional broadcasting video formats

    • MXF Format

      • XDCAM HD 420 35Mbps / XDCAM HD 422 50Mbps

      • IMX D-10 30/40/50Mbps

      • DVCPRO HD/AVC-Intra 50Mbps/AVC-Intra 100Mbps (Optional Codec)​

  • Support encoding/decoding up to 4 SDI Channels on a system

    • Blackmagic Design Decklink Series : SDI, Duo, Quad (1/2/4 Channels)

      • Decklink SDI, Studio - 1 in / 1 out

      • Decklink Duo - 2 SDI in / 2 SDI out

      • Decklink Quad - 4 SDI in/ 4 SDI out


  • Supported Encoding mode

    • VCR Encode - From SONY compatible VCR to File is supported (Serial RS422 connection is needed)

    • Schedule Encode - Encoding can be triggered based on TOD(Time of Day)

    • Instant Encode - Encoding can be started by user


  • Supprted Playing mode

    • Back-to-back play - Play files without any interval between files

    • Take mode play - Play file by file. 

    • Tape out play - Play file with controlling VCR to write movie on a VCR tape


  • Generate low resolution proxy files in the h.264 format

    • Proxy resolution up to 720x480

    • HTML5 streaming compatible format(h.264/AAC/mp4)


  • Support "Editing While Recording" for following NLE systems

    • Adobe Premiere

    • GrassValley Edius 7(XDCAM HD422/MXF and IMX MXF)

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