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SBS MediaNet


SBS Medianet is a subsidiary broadcaster of SBS(Seoul Broadcasting System) that is in charge of broadcasting over cables and satellite.


SBS Medianet is in charge of following TV channels; SBS Plus, SBS funE, SBS Golf, SBS Sports, SBS CNBC, NICK and MTV.


All 8 channels are using Ariel MAM to produce the content to broadcast from News, Show and Drama.


Gemiso Products in SBS MediaNet

  • MAM Solution

    • Ariel MAM

      • Catalog

      • Transcoder

      • Transfer Manager

      • Rewrapper

    • Ingest

      • K2 Summit with Gemiso Ingest Manager

      • Omneon Mediadeck with Gemiso Ingest Manager

      • Ariel V2(Matrox based Gemiso Encoding System)

    • Studio Play out

      • EVS XT[3] with EVS Integration from Gemiso

  • Associated Products

    • NLE

      • Apple Final Cut Pro 7

      • Storages

        • Promise V-Trak 830FD

        • DDN SA9900



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