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XDS Taker


XDS Taker is a system controlling SONY's XDS Mediastations in the studio.

SONY's XDS Mediastation is the file based VCR using internal hard disk drives or portable Blueray disks. Even though XDS Mediastations are good as alternatives for the tape-based VCRs, they need the control system in order to utilize them in Studio or News. 


XDS Taker is the software which makes SONY's XDS Mediastations useful in your news room or production studio.

XDS Taker System Diagram
XDS Taker System with XDS Mediastations


XDS Taker is working with at least 2 XDS Mediastations. 2 Player XDS Mediastations will play out the insert video clips by the user's activities.


The Taker System controls Players and Recorders through Ethernet with SONY's Web Service API. This reduces the complexity of control/data/SDI lines in your studio. 


The External controller can be any kind of  GPI controllers including the custom-made controllers and ready-made controllers.


The XDS Taker is the only commercial software which helps to utilize SONY's XDS Mediastations in the studio.

Making Cue-Sheet / Playing Cue-Sheet in one UI


The XDS Taker is designed with the customers' requirments and it has been evolved with the new requirements.


At this moment, the XDS Taker has intuitive user interface and it does not take more than an hour to learn how to use the XDS Taker.


Even though it has a simple and easy interface for users to use, the capabilities of XDS Taker is more than powerful. It can control 2 XDS Mediastations for play back and 1 XDS Mediastations for recording. And also it shows media lists from 2 mediastations and can be made into a Cue-sheet really easily with just "Drag & Drop."


If you own XDS Mediastations in your studio, XDS Taker is the very perfect solution to use it in your broadcasting.


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