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YTN is the first 24 hours news TV channel in South Korea. It has 4 TV channels now including News channel, Science Channel, Weather Channel and DMB channel. Although there are bigger TV channels in South Korea, there's no people can say there's a bigger News TV channel in South Korea.


Gemiso Products in YTN

  • News Information System

    • Zodiac News Information System

      • Article(Script) Writing/Editing

      • Article(Script) Management

      • Run-down(Cue Sheet) Management

        • Run-down editing by multiple users at the same time

      • CG/Caption Management

      • News Planning

      • Community Service

      • SNS Integration

        • Twitter/Facebook Integration using API

        • Gathering News Tips using e-mail, Telephone, Mobile phone, homepage, fax and

    • News Studio Control System

      • Tele-prompt

      • Video Playout Taker (Controlling Imagine Nexio Servers)

      • Graphic Taker (Controlling Chyron iStore)

      • Caption Taker (Controlling Chyron Lyric)


  • Associated Products

    • MAM

      • DigitalArc from Konan Technologies

    • BiS(Broadcast Information System)

      • iBiS from CISTechnology

    • Playout Control

      • APC from CISTechnology



News Studio at YTN

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