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Thank you for visiting us at KOBA & BCA

We had showed our latest products in KOBA(Korea Broadcasting Association) 2015 and BCA(Broadcast Asia) 2015 in a row.

KOBA was held from 19~22, May, 2015 at COEX, Seoul, Korea. In the Gemiso booth, we have showed the new Gemiso products; Zodiac News Room System, Ariel Cut, Proxima Encoder and Proxima MAM.

BCA was held from 2~5, June, 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. In the SGL booth, we have showed Proxima Encoder working with SGL Flashnet Archive.

We were busy with incoming guests who wanted to know about the new products we released in the last 2 shows.

Even though you could not visit us in these 2 shows, you can visit us in any time to our office. Or you can invite us to your site to see the demonstration.

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