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MBC has chosen Gemiso as the main software partner for developing the new News systems

MBC has chosen Gemiso as the main software partner for developing MBC's new News systems; News Room Computing System and News Production System.

MBC once chose Dalet as main software partner back at 2013 to develop the News System based on its Galaxy. But Dalet has finally failed to meet the requirements of MBC and the project was postponed.

After reviewing the causes of the failure deeply, MBC found out that the key to success is working with the partner who are aggressive to bring the new technologies and who has good technology background on the Media and News technologies.

MBC has been trying to find the best software developers among more than tens of software companies and finally chosen Gemiso as the main development partner for the News.

Gemiso is working with SPTek and Max9 to develop the whole MBC's new News systems. SPTek develops the User Interface of NRCS, Max9 develops Play-out system and Gemiso provides the services of NRCS and whole Production Management System.

The project is just started and all team started investigating the users' requirements and user action diagrams. The project will be finished just before the end of 2017.

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