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Gemiso provides Transcoding CMS to SBS.

Gemiso, also known as Geminisoft Co., Ltd announced that it was chosen as a solution provider to migrate all archive material of SBS from MPEG2 to h.264 media.

SBS(Seoul Broadcast System), 3rd biggest terrestrial broadcaster in South Korea started new challenge in making in-house OVP solution. Unlike other broadcasters using OVP services from Ooyala or Brightcove, SBS bravely started making its own OVP solution and imagines to continue the initiative of content distribution.

To keep its content power, SBS is making "OPS, Online Publishing System" and it will have the following features.

- Web Non Linear Editor : Remove the commercials in whole movie and make a few segments into one movie.

- All Archive Material Copy in h.264 : All archived media are transcoded and stored in h.264; 10Mbps, 5Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 700Kbps.

- Frame Accurate h.264 Server : based on EDL generated by Web NLE, h.264 server will make a real media based on EDL.

- Distribution over Web Portal, SNS, CDN and others : OPS will distribute and collect all statistics. OPS will distribute media to Naver(Korean Portal), SNS(Facebook and others), YouTube, SMR(Smart Media Representatives), CDN and others.

Among the features above, Gemiso is providing Frame Accurate h.264 servers, Transcoding CMS for XDCAM HD to h.264(for 100,000 hours video) and Job Management servers.


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